Top 10 Best Bread Baking Books in 2021


Top 10 Best Bread Baking Books – Best Bread Cookbooks Reviews in 2021

Learn how to choose the right baking bread books for yourself.

If you are searching on the internet, you may find that there are lots of bread baking information. They offer tips, recipes, and guides. However, they are just basic details that can help you out with low level of bread baking. If you want to experience high level of bread baking, you should look after best bread cookbooks (best bread baking books) that offer details in depth. These cookbooks are composed and presented by Master Bakers all over the world who are excellent at the art of artisan bread for many years. In other words, these cookbooks are exactly what you should have a look at and learn from.

Best Bread Baking Books

By reading and learning form these cookbooks, you will be able to get inspiration from these famous master bakers. In addition, you can increase your skills of baking. In this article, you will be able to find the full list of bread cookbooks. These are great bread books that you can buy. Make sure that you read all details in order to pick up the right books. If you plan to buy one of these cookbooks as a gift for loved ones or your friends, you should read all reviews in order to buy the right one.

Top 10 Best Bread Baking Books To Buy

1> The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart


Editor Choice

This book is suitable for both beginners and intermediate bakers. The author is master baker Peter Reinhart who is very famous. This book has already been released in its 15th edition so that you can get all things that you need.

By reading this book, you will be able to learn the comprehensive theory and real practice about bread. These necessary details such as different kinds of grains, different types of bread, tips, and techniques on how to fix and improve problematic bread that you may encounter during baking breads.

You should remember that investing more time in this book will help you improve and upgrade your baking skills effectively instead of skimming it. Learning from this book will take you to the next baking level that you can expect.

2> The Bread Bible By Rose Levy Beranbaum

Editor Choice

This book is for intermidate bakers. If you are beginners, and want to take your baking skills to next level, you should think about this book.

The book covers every aspect of the bread-making process that you should know. These are the chemical reactions, the proportions of ingredients, problematic bread solution, and much more.

The book includes 150 recipes such as quick bread, flatbreads, bread made with yeast starters and much more for beginners and intermidate bakers.

Unlike other books from the suggested list, this book is called “bible” because it gives guidelines of baking for most of stuff, not just for bread. It can work with bagel biscuits, pizzas dough, crumpets, and even muffins.

Remember that this book is for bakers who already have experience of baking bread at home. In other words, it is not a type of an easy-to-read book.

By reading the book, you will be able to learn techniques of substitution which is related to the types of flours and effects.

3> Special and Decorative Breads by Roland Bilheux

Editor Choice

If you are looking for the book that can help you with making and baking bread in professional way (bread baking techniques and ingredients), this book is what you need.

In addition, this book provides 50 cost-effective recipes for a variety of bread.

4> Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish

Editor Choice

This book is one of the best books on baking bread on the market that you can buy to increase your skills. Each chapter in the book covers a variety of concept of bread baking.

If you want to start with your first step of making and baking bread, this book is what you should look after. Its suggested recipes is easy and suited for any level. The content of the book covers all bread basics. In addition, it is also suitable for advanced bakers.

Note: a Dutch Oven is required to follow most of suggested recipes in the book. 

5> Special and Decorative Breads Volume 2

Editor Choice

This book is for professional baker that you will love when read the content of the book.

This book offers the instructions on how to making bread in different stages going from more complicated types of bread. These recipes mentioned in the book are not intended for the homemade bread baker. In other words, these recipes are for actual bakery or professional baker, not for the homemade baker.

Price is affordable comparing other books. You will love it later on after reading it.

By reading the book, you can increase your skills of baking and decoration.

6> Dictionnaire universel du pain (French Edition)

Editor Choice

If you want to go with french style, and you can read french, this book is what you are looking for.

This book offers you how to learn all things related to bread. It is bread history, bread making and baking process, recipes, ingredients, and much more. For the best results, readers should have serious commitment about reading and applying.

This book is for serious bread bakers who want to improve, and increase making and baking skills as well as learn more things about the products and become professional in baking.

The book is in French. Price is reasonable for its quality content.

7> A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes

Editor Choice

This book comes with 150 detailed recipes that you will love. It is for professional baker who wants to breathe new life into their making and baking foods. The book comes with vivid drawings and photographs expressing techniques, methods, and showing finished products that you can follow and bake.

It is recommended for the intermediate and professional bread baker. This book is not likely for homemade baker due to its level.

8> Bread Matters by Andrew Whitley

Editor Choice

This book is good for those home-made bread bakers who want to learn more about the benefits of bread. It is related to all health enthusiasts. The book offers a large number of recipes that you can follow and make and bake at home.

By reading this book, you can learn most of techniques and recipes that you can apply at home.

This book is designed for a beginner who already knows basic things about bread baking.

9> The Bread Builders: Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens

Editor Choice

If you are already good at sourdough bread, and want to improve your skills, you should have a look at this book. By reading the book, you can learn more techniques, theories, and information about bread baking. Following these instructions, you will be able to build your own fire oven at home.

10> Bread Science: The Chemistry and Craft of Making Bread

Editor Choice

If you want to learn bread process in details such as using preferments, sourdough starter, mixing the dough, shaping the dough, baking, and making bread, you can have a look at this book.

There are over 250 photos about bread (including bread making and baking process). This book is suitable for those people who are curious about how to make and bake bread in details.


Above is the best list of bread cookbooks that you can consider as one of your choices. If you have any questions or comments, you may send us an email. Hope that the list above can help you out on your baking journey. Besides, if you plan to buy all books above, you should buy one by one. Each book has different recipes, tastes, styles, and features. By reading them all, you can increase and upgrade your baking skills.

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