How Many Slices in a Loaf of Bread


How Many Slices in a Loaf of Bread?

Have you ever asked yourself the question “how many slices in a loaf of bread“? If you are a bread lover, you must know the answer. If not, you should seek for the answer. So you are having breakfast with bread, and suddenly your kids or members in your family ask you “how many slices of bread are there actually in a loaf of bread”?

The answer is various, but not strange when this question comes up in your mind. Generally, the number of slices in a loaf depends on the size of the loaf itself and the size of each slice. Now, let’s discover the real answers and specific details below. However, before that you may want to check best electric bread slicer if you want to get one.

How Many Slices in a Loaf of Bread

The answer will be easier when we take a standard loaf of sandwich bread to count. The number of slices can be from 24 to 26. It depends on the way you slice and count the end pieces of the loaf.

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Slices in a Loaf of Bread depend on Type and Size of Bread

The type of bread

As mentioned earlier, the size and type of bread will decide the number of slices.

If you have a look at bread types, you will see that not all of them have the same ingredients. Therefore, they can have different number of slices. For example, it is not possible to cut whole grain bread into thin slices while it is not easy to cut other hard breads into thick slices, so thinner slices will be possible for this case.

Some breads such as multi-grain, Texas Coast, and Sourdough can be cut into16 to 18 slices. However, it can be cut into 26 slices if we go with thin slices.

For Rye bread, you can get at least 24 slices due to its ingredients. You can slice it thinly easily.

For the whole wheat bread, you can only get from 8 to 10 slices per load due to its ingredients. Cutting into proper number of slices can help your bread sliced neatly without breaking.

However, you can get 26 to 28 slices per loaf if you slice the traditional white bread. It is because of its special ingredients.

For homemade bread, you can cut into appropriate number of slices as long as you bake loaves of bread with good length.

What to do with Bread Maker Machine?

With a bread maker machine, you can create and bake loaves of bread that have standard size (usually from 1 to 2 lbs). Bread created in a bread maker machine has about 20 slices.

Remember that the number of slices depends on the thickness of bread. You can get from 20  – 25 slices from a loaf of bread, but the thickness can be different.


To decide the number of slices, you should consider the following factors:

We have two main factors to have a look at:

1. The thickness of the slices in a loaf of bread

  • The thickness of bread depends on the ingredients so that various type of bread can have different thickness.

2. The size of the bread

  • The size of the bread decides the number of slices. In addition, using a bread maker, you can only have standard breads. In other words, baking breads by yourself, you can have unlimited length of the bread loaf.

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